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A conviction for a felony or misdemeanor crime can result in serious consequences including jail time, a criminal record, loss of freedom including probation, loss of driver’s license, large fines, and damage to your reputation.  Contact Attorney William R. Pelger for assistance.

Have you been charged with a crime such as assault, theft, trespass, possession of courtdrugs or DUI/DWI?

With over 25 years of experience, Attorney William R. Pelger has gained knowledge and expertise in representing people charged with all types of felonies and misdemeanors from assault, firearm violations, domestic violence, sex offenses, trespass, burglary, robbery, possession of drugs, probation and parole violations, white collar crimes, and summary offenses including traffic citations. Attorney Pelger has answers to your questions and can provide an aggressive and competent defense for you.

Have you been charged with a probation or parole violation?

Standing in front of the very Judge who sentenced you, on a violation of his or her probation or parole can be a very frightening situation. Having an attorney with over 20 years experience who knows the laws, is familiar with the probation office and the court system, and who will speak up on your behalf, can improve your prospects of avoiding jail or other loss of freedoms.

Did the police search you, your home, or your motor vehicle without a warrant?

A good lawyer knows that the Pennsylvania and U.S. Constitution protect each citizen against police or government agents who search you or your property without probable cause to do so. Any evidence taken by police under such circumstances cannot be used against you and can result in a dismissal of your case.

Have you received a traffic violation?

If you receive a traffic citation please be advised that if you check the guilty box on the back of the ticket and send your money in, serious hidden consequences may follow. The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code is full of unpleasant surprises, pitfalls and penalties for the uninformed driver. Certain motor vehicle offenses including reckless driving, driving under suspension, driving without a license or a speeding offense which result in points assigned can result in a suspension of your license. The driver is usually unaware of this suspension when he pleads guilty until weeks later when the notice of suspension comes in the mail from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Expungement of criminal history and records

If you were ever arrested, even if not convicted, it is likely that the arrest records remain in the system. These records can be accessed by potential employers, schools, investigators and even the general public. You may be eligible to have these records removed and destroyed, through the filing of a Petition for Expungement by an attorney. Attorney Pelger can handle this for you”.

Other criminal law offenses

In the past 25 years, Attorney Pelger has defended individuals charged with all types of crimes. Whether you are facing assault, robbery, burglary, firearms charges, gun possession, domestic violence, sexual offenses, theft, white collar crimes, DUI/DWI or summary level traffic offenses, contact us to discuss your options. Attorney Pelger can also expunge your criminal record.