Estate Lawyer – Planning and Probate Attorney

Contact Attorney William R. Pelger, for assistance in selecting and drafting the proper documents so that if you should become incapacitated or die, your assets will not be subject to unnecessary taxes and expenses and your property passes to whom you intend it to. He can also help you handle the affairs of a loved one who has passed.

Estate planning

Having the correct estate planning documents ahead of time can save you or your loved ones thousands of dollars in inheritance tax and unnecessary expenses and prevent future problems and economic hardships. Let Attorney Pelger provide you guidance as to what particular documents are necessary or appropriate for your particular situation and prepare any of the following documents for you: Will, General Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney, deeds, life estate agreements and trust agreements.

Probate and Non-Probate Estates

When a family member dies, loved ones are faced with numerous questions. Is it necessary to open an estate or go through probate? What is probate? How is the will filed or what other documents need to be filed with the court? Must we pay inheritance tax and how do we do it? How do we sell the home or other property that is titled in the name of the deceased person?

A competent and experienced attorney who has been through the estate process hundreds of times can answer these questions, guide you and assist you with making the probate or non-probate process an understandable and expedient process. Attorney Pelger personally handles all of his estates and will ensure that you as an heir or Executor will be in full compliance with the law, will pay all taxes and debts legally owed and make sure that all heirs are treated fairly, stay informed and receive their fair inheritance.

Other areas of estate administration

Attorney Pelger also handles matters related to estate administration:

  • Preparation of the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return and state and federal income tax returns for the estate
  • Deeds to transfer ownership of real estate
  • Elder law financial planning
  • Contesting a will
  • Preparation and filing of First and Final Account with the court

To learn more about probate, estate planning, estate planning documents, wills, powers of attorney, living wills and transfers of real estate, contact Attorney William R. Pelger.