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Drunk driving offenses can carry severe penalties. If you want to avoid jail, losing your driver’s license or other freedoms, working with an experienced DUI/DWI attorney is critical. Contact Attorney William R. Pelger now.Police Car Lights

Treating each DUI case personally

Attorney Pelger has been in business long enough to know that no two DUI cases are the same. The reasons and circumstances upon which the police use to stop your motor vehicle and question you, and what sobriety testing was done are surprisingly, never the same. You need an attorney who pays attention to the details of your case and knows how those small details are viewed under the laws.

When handling your drunk driving case, affordable DUI lawyer Attorney William R. Pelger will:

  • Meet with you personally and listen in detail to your side of the story-before anything else;
  • Give a detailed assessment of your situation;
  • Discuss your options including going to trial or alternatives to jail or license suspensions and having a criminal record.

If this is your first DUI offense, we understand that you may be confused and overwhelmed. Don’t lose sleep over this. Take the time to contact and engage a competent experienced attorney. We will take the time to explain to you the legal process involved, your rights, potential consequences, your charges and your options. We can also expunge your criminal record.

Whether your DUI is your first offense, second offense, third offense or more, contact us now. You may not have to go to jail or lose your driver’s license.