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Drug, narcotic and controlled substance offenses are aggressively prosecuted by police and the accused can often face mandatory jail sentences, intense probation, heavy fines, forfeiture of property and loss of reputation and freedom. If you are charged with a drug offense, don’t face it alone. Contact Attorney William R. Pelger.

Experienced drug crime defense

The Pennsylvania controlled substance sentencing guidelines determine how severe of a sentence you will receive. These guidelines are harsh and treat all individuals alike. A competent experienced attorney, who understands the laws and the court system knows whether or not you have a defense, and if not, what diversions and alternatives to jail are available to you.

Contact us if you have been accused of any drug offense, including the following:

  • Possession, possession with intent to deliver, delivery of marijuana, cocaine, pills or any other controlled substance;
  • Possession with intent to manufacture any controlled substance;
  • Any Juvenile drug, narcotic or controlled substance offense;
  • Criminal conspiracy to commit any controlled substance offense;
  • Any other felony or misdemeanor drug, narcotic or controlled substance offense or related offense.

Charged with a drug offense?

Don’t take a chance by not working with an experienced lawyer.

You need a lawyer who will take the time to understand your background and the details of your specific situation and explain what options you may have. If there is a lack of proof or if the search of you, your home or motor vehicle was illegal, you may have a defense. You may also have other options and alternatives to jail, heavy fines, forfeiture of property, loss of license and a criminal record. Contact Attorney William R. Pelger to discuss your case.