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Marital discord, separation and divorce, can be perhaps the most upsetting and emotional event you will face in your life. Attorney Pelger understands and respects the emotion, especially when children are involved.

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When you sue or are sued for child support Attorney Pelger can guide you through the process. He will make every attempt to settle and mediate with the other party fairly, but will be there for you in court. He will only allow you to release to the other party sources of income and assets you are legally obligated to release and will make certain that you only pay an amount of support you are legally required to under the PA Support Guidelines. On the contrary, if you must sue for support, Attorney Pelger will make certain that you obtain every cent that your child is entitled to under the law. If you should suddenly lose your job, or receive a reduction in pay, you may be eligible to request a lower support order. Attorney Pelger can assess if this is an option for you and file the necessary papers with the court.


If your child is unexpectedly not returned to you by the other party without your consent and there is no custody order of court, Attorney Pelger can assist you in filing an emergency motion in court to get a temporary order and your child back. He can guide you into and through the custody mediation process and pursue a custody order through conciliation and court hearings if necessary.


If you ever find yourself locked out of your home or incarcerated under the PFA law based on false accusations made against you, you will need a lawyer. Attorney Pelger will stand by you at the PFA hearing to make sure that your side of the story is told to the judge and he will question the evidence or testimony against you. There are times however, when emotions get out of hand and arguments turn physical and parties need to be separated from each other by court order. Attorney Pelger will explain to you all of your rights and under what circumstances it would be advisable to agree to a PFA order or similar order. On occasion, the parties can agree to a less strict order than a statutory PFA order which will suffice to keep the parties apart but allow them negotiate a temporary custody arrangement and settle other important matters on a temporary basis.


Attorney Pelger can also prepare all paperwork and guide you through or your family member through the court name change process.