Can a mediation service file criminal felony charges for a debt?

Q: I am receiving calls from a mediation service for a debt I’m not sure I even owe. I have dealt with the company they claim to represent about 3 years ago. They have threatened to file felony theft charges with the district attorney if I do not pay immediately. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: ¬†They sound like scammers, flim-flam men, con-artists, shysters, grifters, sleaze merchants, crooks, fleecers, con artists, hustlers, swindlers, bilkers, bunco artists, cheaters, clip artists and altogether bad men or women. If you were to be arrested, the police would contact you and no one else. These algae eater, bottom feeders are hoping you are gullible enough to pay them by credit card. Don’t do it and tell them to go pound salt!

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