Can a university charge you four months later?

Q: I attend a college and one of four roommates made a complaint about the smell of marijuana in the living room. I am a user and so is another roommate. The campus cops barge in and only check our bathroom (there are 2) and they smelled it so charged us with possession and paraphernalia. But, they never conducted a search like they said they would so there isn’t really any solid evidence besides the smell and bag being on the fire alarm. We were told we would receive a letter in 72 hours if we were charged and we did not receive anything until now February, four months later. What can I do to go about this? (Moon Township, PA)

A:  It sounds like you are over 18 and have been charged with two misdemeanors. Yes, they can take four months to charge you. If you do not have your charges handled correctly, this event can ruin your life. I would invest in an attorney. He or she can determine if you have a probable cause or possession defense, and if not, if there is a diversionary program available to you which can prevent you from having a record.

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