Can cops search my dorm room?

Q: Is there a case in this situation with underage drinking and possession? My friends received an underage and possession. A friend of mine had five of her friends having out in her dorm room (all girls). They were just watching television and drinking a little bit. A guy from the same hall walked in lit his bowl of weed and said he will go back to his room and get a fan. When he left the cops went to the girl’s dorm and knocked. A girl (non-resident) opened the door and the cop forced the door open all the way. He then asked if he is allowed to search the place but the resident said he needs to get a warrant. The cop then waited in the doorway for 4 hours, would not let any of the girls leave the dorm, and finally got the warrant. The girls told the police officer to leave but he said he won’t. The warrant was for marijuana and a alcohol.

A: I would suggest that everyone get a lawyer. No doubt the cops are angry at making them get a warrant but they should know about the warrant requirement. Possession of a controlled substance is a misdemeanor and the Possession, Consumption and Transportation of Alcohol is a summary offense. Both can result in a criminal record and each carries a driver’s license suspension. Each lawyer can advise each defendant on the law of possession. Each lawyer can examine the warrant and determine if it is legal. There may be a defense. If there is no defense, all is not lost. There are options for first time offenders, and the lawyer can advise you which ones are feasible under the circumstances.


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