Can Disorderly Conduct charges be mailed?


Q: Can a Pennsylvania police officer send out a disorderly conduct citation without giving you something at the time of the incident? The police were called for “shots fired” while we were out shooting guns. They couldn’t get us for anything like drugs or beer so they said we’d get disorderly conduct charges in the mail. We never received anything that day. Can they send the charges to us?

A: Yes, citations and summons for court hearings can be mailed. I would make sure to check your mail. If you are charged with a summary offense, you will receive a Notice of Summary Trial. If you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you will receive a Notice of Preliminary Hearing, Notice of Preliminary Arraignment and Notice of Fingerprinting. I would take the paperwork to an attorney once you receive them. The way you describe this, it might even be a stretch to convict you of a municipal ordinance for discharging guns unless you admitted to it.

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