Can I apply for a 911 operator position if I had a retail theft expunged?

Q: I was going through the self-checkout line at Walmart and didn’t scan some items a few years ago. This was my first offense and first time EVER getting in trouble with the law. This has since been expunged. Do I have a shot at being a 911 operator and will this show up since it’s expunged? (West Homestead, PA)

A:  If your expungement order went through, it should wipe out any trace of your conviction. For example, if you order your criminal history from the PA State Police, it should be clean. However, can anyone promise this? Probably not. It is accepted in Allegheny County that the DA can determine if anyone received ARD on a prior arrest. ARD records are expunged, but somehow the DA keeps this record for presumably for ARD purposes. I would check to see if your expungement was successful by obtaining your criminal history. If it was, apply for the job. If asked about it, be honest. I assume your retail theft was a summary offense for which you were given a citation? You therefore would state that you were issued a citation for retail theft.

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