Can I erase my criminal record?

Q: Is there any way to erase my criminal record or keep it as lowest profile. It could be for a better future? I had made some bad judgments and wanted a better life for my family. Is there anyone that can help? There are 2 convictions that are ruining my life right now and I’m trying my best to move on with my life but it feels like everywhere I go is blocking my path. If there is anyone who can help please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

A: You can only “erase” prior criminal arrest records for felonies and misdemeanors which you were not found guilty of or pleaded guilty to. You can expunge summary convictions after five years of arrest free behavior has passed. You should obtain your criminal history to determine what it consists of. There may be crimes which you were arrested for but not found guilty of or pleaded guilty to. The arrest record related to those charges may be expunged. Plus, you may have summary convictions and if five years has elapsed, you can expunge them. A good starting point is your criminal history from the PA State Police. If you have trouble obtaining it or understanding it, contact an attorney.

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