Can I get a media expungement?

Q: I’ve been told that media expungements were different from others. Can someone please tell me how because my attorney said the military will see it?

A: I have never heard of a media expungement and do not know what that is. With how huge the internet is, I don’t know how it would work. I think if a media story is untrue, you could force a retraction printed. You would need an attorney to contact the source of the incorrect information. An expungement is a legal process, whereby you petition the court to destroy your arrest record. To be eligible to do this, you need to have been arrested but not convicted of a crime. If you were convicted of a summary offense and five years of arrest free behavior has passed since the conviction, you can file a petition to expunge and the court will issue an order for all records relating to the arrest to be destroyed-shredded or deleted.

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