Can I get my criminal complaint from PA?

Q: How did I obtain a copy of the criminal complaint or the accusatory instrument in the state of PA for my case which is over. I applied for NY state security guard license and the division of licensing is asking for these documents from 2010. (Buffalo, NY)

A: If this occurred after 1986 and you can negotiate the PA Uniform Judicial System website, you might be able to find your original charges. If the case went beyond the preliminary hearing to the Court of Common Pleas level, you can contact the county Clerk of Courts office and ask if they can send you a copy by mail. There may be a fee. If you were not found guilty of the offense, you can expunge it, so it disappears from all reputable criminal records repositories. Even if found guilty or you pleaded guilty to a summary offense, certain summary offenses can now be expunged.

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