Can I own a firearm again with a felony 6 years-ago?

Q: It was a crazy situation from breaking up with my girlfriend who was 15 and I was 19. Her parents had me charged with statutory rape. Sounds terrible I know and it ruined me from then on. I pleaded no contest and had to do one year probation. Never spent any time in jail either and haven’t even had a parking ticket since then. I want to own a gun to protect my wife and children in our own home. No guns for anyone with any kind of record it seems. Is there a way for me to ever own guns to protect what is mine and keep my family safe?

A: To give you a precise answer, I suggest that you order your criminal history from the PA State Police to determine how the grading of this offense appears in criminal databases. My thought is that 16 years ago it was at least a Misdemeanor 2 and additionally, it would be viewed as a sex crime and/or crime of violence which would make you ineligible for expungement

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