Can I receive expungement for my indecent exposure conviction?

Q: I sing with a popular oldies group from and it makes me feel less than human at times, because the night I was arrested for exposing myself, I also tried to kill myself because of past bad things happening in my life. I lost a job with the city, a home I was renting and a girlfriend. I was despondent and I turned to suicidal thoughts and I took a handful of Trazadone 100 mg. which gave me an erection and the rest is foggy to me. I was hallucinating and incoherent. I also had alcohol. I was pretty screwed up. However, reliving this in my head all the time. This conviction which keeps me from obtaining a job makes me think about suicide again, I need some help.

A: You should seek some professional help and then, see an attorney. Normally, you cannot expunge a misdemeanor 2 involving alleged sex crimes. However, an attorney can order your records to determine exactly what offenses you pleaded guilty to and then assess your eligibility for an expungement. Many people out there have mental health issues and are gainfully employed. If your issues are under control, your past can be explained to a potential employer. Someone may want to work with you.

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