Can I rescind a car sale contract that I have not yet taken possession of?

Q: The car is still with the dealer for detailing. I purchased a car 1 day ago. The dealer did not give me the sales contract to take home with me to go over completely because the car is being detailed. I was told I could get the paperwork in 4 days when I come back to pick up the car. I do not want the car now. This entire transaction seems very suspect to me. It is still at the dealership. Since I have not taken possession of the car yet, can I rescind the contract? (Hermine, PA)

A:  It has only been a day or so, you haven’t taken possession, and it appears title has not changed. Just be firm with them and tell them you do not want the vehicle. I would draft a dated letter to them telling them so and keep a copy. Serve it on them via hand delivery or mail, and keep a copy. You did not say if you paid anything. If so, they should return your deposit.

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