Can I take my plea deal back at big court?

Q: Can a plea bargain at the preliminary hearing level be taken back if I signed it? I was charged with 2nd DUI on the 2nd tier, and also child endangerment and was offered a plea bargain, which I did sign. My lawyer told me the DA didn’t know about a new law. My question is what are my chances of losing the deal when I go to big court? (Pittsburgh, PA).

Q: I am not sure if I understand your question. If you signed some waiver agreement at the preliminary hearing and your case is now going up to “big” court (Court of Common Pleas), you can still change your mind and go to trial or have your attorney push for a better deal. If you actually pled guilty and were not sentenced, but now want to withdraw your plea, prior to sentencing, the rules are generally favorable for you. You really need to have serious discussion with your attorney about this.

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