Can my aunt contest my grandmother’s life estate?

Q: I have lived with my grandmother for over 18 years now and raised both of my children here with her. When her children found out she left the house to me as a life estate they stopped talking to her. She pays all the bills in turn I take care of her and promised to never leave her and to never allow her to be put in a home. She wants to die in her own house. My family and I care for her every day. We do breakfast, lunch dinner, medicine, showers, changing her diapers, anything and everything that she needs. We are the only ones here to help. They want nothing to do with her and only contact her by phone occasionally. They send her cards in the mail and they live 2 miles away. Sometimes one of her other granddaughters will come here just to take her to the bank to get money. They want to wait until she passes because they know while she’s alive she will fight for me and what she wants for us. But she is 97 and shouldn’t have to go through this. It stresses her out thinking they are going to try to take away the home we have built. is there anything we can do to ease her mind and make sure that these people cannot hurt us anymore? (Penn Hills, PA)

A: It is difficult to tell who has the life estate, you or your grandmother. I strongly suggest that you and your grandmother meet with an elder lawyer or estate lawyer who can look at this deed and advise you as to what your options are. If she has the life estate, the normally will house transfer to someone upon her death, hopefully you. If you have the life estate you can live there until you die, then the house transfers to someone else.

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