Can my cousin file forgery charges on me?

Q: My uncle recently died. My husband and I was buying his vehicle because he could no longer drive. Two weeks before he died he handed us the signed title and told my husband happy birthday. Uncle was sick, and I was the caregiver. I did not go down right away and change the title. Now my cousin says when he gets out of prison he is going to press forgery charges on me. Can he? (McKeesport, PA)

A: Anybody can say they will sue somebody else. If he wants to have the police file charges, or file a civil suit through a lawyer, he will need evidence to base a civil or criminal prosecution on. This type of evidence would be the appearance of an obvious to the eye forgery, forgery supported by a hand writing expert opinion, or statements from witnesses. If this is not a forgery, you should not worry. If it is, see a lawyer.

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