Can my sister evict our elderly mother?


Q: Eight years ago, my sister convinced our mother to leave a HUD subsidized senior complex to live in her house instead. At the time she wanted our mother to take care of her house while she lived elsewhere. My mother uses most of her Social Security pension, her only source of income, to pay my sister a monthly rent plus other expenses. My sister has just given notice that she wants our mother out of the house so that she can convert her house into a full rental unit. We are trying to find a place for her, but so far, all the federally subsidized places we have looked at have a one to three year waiting list. My sister says she must be out in six months. Does my mother have any legal rights to remain in the house until she finds another viable living arrangement? (Versailles, PA)

A: I think the reality of the situation is that your mother needs to find elsewhere to live. You could consult with a landlord tenant lawyer. Your mother has rights under landlord tenant law. Normally however, landlord tenant laws are not so generous as to allow six-months-notice unless such time is provided in the lease. You could assist her by reaching out to senior housing programs.

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