Can my son be arrested for having $15K in his home while on parole?

Q. My son is on parole. He was working for a man doing renovations. The boss had marijuana shipped from another state to the empty house next to my sons home. When the boss went to get pkg police chased him and arrested him. He called my son during the car chase never telling him what was going on just to pick him up at the auto repair shop down the hill. When my son got there from the job site the boss was in hand cuffs etc. The police asked if they could search my sons home wherein they stopped him at the auto repair place. He said no but they said they would call his parole officer for permission so my son agreed. At his home the only thing found was approximately 15k which he has been saving over a period of 7 years. My son was not arrested and no charges at this point. They took money.

A. If the only evidence against your son is that 1) he knows the boss, 2) he lives near the house the drugs were found in, 3) he had 15k in his house and 4) he was present at the shop when the boss was arrested, he shouldn’t be arrested. If the boss implicates him, or other witnesses implicate he and the boss as co-conspirators, then it is possible he may get arrested. The police should have given your son a receipt for his money. If the police don’t arrest him after a reasonable amount of time, you can petition the court to return the money. Your son needs to see an attorney as soon as possible and not make statements to the police.

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