Can police search my place like this?

Q: Police found three roaches, a clip and a pack of papers. Did they have a legal search? They were looking for someone and I thought I had to let them in. So, I let them come in, There was like five of them pounding on my door. They found the roaches in my ashtray, next to my bed. They charged me with possession of small amount and drug paraphernalia. I have a district justice hearing in two weeks and I am freaking out That was in July of 2014 and I just now got the charges.

A: Yes, they can take that long to charge you. If you let them in and the contraband was observed in plain view, you have a problem. However, I would review the entire case with a local criminal attorney who is adept in search and seizure law for a thorough opinion. Also, if you are a first offender, you can get out of this with no record. An attorney can advise you on this.

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