Can I sue a doctor’s office for embarrassing and humiliating me?

Q: Went to new OBGYN 4-4-17 with three windows. The lady to the right completely ignored me and the lady on the left was on the phone when she got off the phone she says “sir have you been helped.” I tell her I’m a woman and no, she doesn’t apologize. The woman to the right says this isn’t one of mine (there wasn’t any rapport no hello can I help you). The lady at the 3rd says are you so and so? I say yes and go to the window. I can hear the other 2 laughing. When I sat down I hear one woman say I still can’t see the difference they continued laughing. I go in for my appointment and when I’m done the women at the nurse station are looking at me and giggling. When I go back to the window to checkout there is a woman walking by the door in the back giggling and trying to get a look at me. She did this twice the 2nd time I made eye contact and gave her a look of I know what you are doing. I told the woman at the window what was happening and asked for the person in charge phone number. Supposedly, she’s on vacation for the rest of the week. Last night I was so upset playing it in my mind why didn’t I say something to them I cried in bed until I fell asleep.

A: You can call a personal injury or civil rights attorney for a second opinion, but I doubt if this rises to the level of a legal action in tort, infliction of emotional distress or discrimination if you have no damages other than hurt feelings. However, these people work for someone. Chances are the doctor, doctors or corporation that they work for may be offended by their employees behaving like this, especially in today’s political climate. I would find out who owns or manages this office and write them a letter telling them what happened. I would write to the owner, and copy the woman allegedly on vacation. Don’t be overly dramatic and just state what happened and how you felt. The world has many types of people in it and some are intolerant and insensitive.

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