Q. At what point are the police and/or DA harassing me when they keep taking me in for questioning? They still believe that I know more than what I’m telling about a gun that was stolen. I have been convicted of felony burglary in which 2 guns were taken. They have located one of the guns because the other guy involved sold it to someone. I last saw the guns in the possession of the other guy involved, but they refuse to believe that I don’t know anything more. Are they harassing me if they continually call me downtown to question me?

A. Yes, probably. They need more information and figure you know something. You have no obligation to talk to them, before or after your arrest. In fact, if you would say anything that would incriminate you on another offense, you may end up helping them to prosecute you. Just have the right to refuse to speak with them. If they persist, you should strongly consider hiring an attorney. The attorney can speak on your behalf. You don’t know if they are building a new case against you or are just looking for help to solve a crime. If you are in any way a target, an attorney could ask for immunity if necessary in exchange for your cooperation.

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