Can we get an order for our brother to stop bullying my mother?

Q: Can we get a restraining order against our brother for bullying my mom for money. She is 85 and has given him over $100,000.00 My brother shows up at her house and won’t leave until he gets money. Mom feels intimidated and says he won’t leave. She says she is being punished if we get on her accounts with her to stop this.¬†Any other ideas how to stop him if we can’t get a restraining order?

A: Mom can do this if she wishes, and you can assist her. She would need to file for a Petition From Abuse Act hearing. If she is mentally incompetent, you will need to seek a guardianship of her so you or another family member can file for her. I think the best thing to do, and I know it is not easy, but is to have a family talk with the brother to let him know what damage he is creating and to lay off, or legal remedies will be pursued. A lawyer could guide you through this stressful and complicated family situation which involves criminal, civil and family laws.


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