Can we get brother’s girlfriend out of the house?

Q: Our mom died and left the house to her children. The house is in the name of the three kids and we live there. My brother left the house. Unfortunately for my sister and I, he left his mentally unstable girlfriend in the house. We want her out. Now. We were thinking of locking her out and leaving her stuff under the carport for her to pick up. Someone said this may not be legal. (Swissvale, PA)

A: If she has been living there for a period of time with your consent, she may have developed rights as a month to month tenant under landlord tenant law. Therefore, you may have to evict her by filing a complaint at the local District Justice. You may want to call your local District Justice about this. They handle many evictions and may have some advice or at a minimum tell you what you need to do to start an eviction.

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