CYF wants me to go a drug and alcohol evaluation

Q: CYF called me about bruises on my son from school. He plays soccer. Now they want to do a drug and alcohol evaluation. Do I have to take it? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: No, you don’t have to comply. The question is, will CYF pressure you more, perhaps by filing a dependency petition if you do not comply? No one can answer this question without knowing more facts. I would advise speaking with an attorney who is experienced in Juvenile Dependency. You can call the Allegheny County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (412-261-6161) for a referral to a private attorney who is experienced in that type of law. If you cannot afford a private attorney, call the Allegheny County Bar Association and ask for the Juvenile Court Project. They will put you in touch with the Parent Advocates. They can advise if you qualify for representation, and if so, advise you how to proceed.

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