Do I have a right to get copies of all emails relating to an incident at work?

Q: I work at an electronics company and I reached into a box of parts and there was a syringe with a sharp needle on it. I phoned my supervisor and left a message about what happened. I work the graveyard shift. I said I what happened and for him and another employee to look into it. When I came in the next day he was by himself. I asked where is Vicky. He said he would get the vice president of the company involved. I came back, and he said that we had to write an incident report on it and they will look into it at their next safety meeting. I was really mad because other employees have been giving me a hard time and I have talked to him about it and he does very little to help me. I took the box and needle and walked out. I was frustrated with his lack of concern for my safety. I told him I was done with all the stuff they were doing to me and to talk to my attorney. I left, and they kept calling me on my way home. I finally talked to the VP about some of the things other people were doing to me. He told me to take the night off and bring the box and needle back on Monday. Now I would like copies of all emails to see if they really were being truthful to me. (Blawnox, PA)

A: I assume you are talking about what appears to be a used hypodermic needle. If you were punctured by the needle I would not return the box to your employer until you can verify that you are medically safe. Take the box and needle to an employment attorney. He or she should advise you to have the needle tested by a lab for any infectious disease. This will verify if your health has been jeopardized. You are likely on thin ice with your employer. PA is an “at will” employment sate and you can be fired for any reason other than sex, age, race and religion. Even if you were not injured by the needle, this will be the only evidence you have to contest your application for unemployment compensation if you are fired and you apply. It also may provide some basis for a wrongful termination suit, perhaps under whistle blower laws, but you need to confirm that with an attorney who practices in that area. In regard to emails your company has issued and maintained, you have no right to them, unless you can independently get copies from your computer or smart phone or another person’s devices. If litigation would start, your attorney can file under discovery rules for them or subpoena them

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