Do I have any legal obligation to report this massage incident?

Q: I went for massage because I was having a lot of back pain. I could not get an appointment at my regular spot. I called around and found a place with decent google reviews. They told me to come in at 3. When I arrived, everything was normal. For a while. I got down to my boxers which I thought was standard. The woman came back and told me to lose the boxers because she doesn’t want the lotion to get on them. So, I did, feeling very uncomfortable but I rolled with it. She then asked me roll over and worked on my legs. She asked me if I wanted something more. I laughed and said “how much” she responded no charge and she tried reaching for my you know what. I screamed at the top of my lungs, No! I jumped off the table. She told me calm down. She then said let’s finish the massage no more funny business. So, I did the rest of the massage was fine. She let me put my boxers on everything was fine after that. I’ll not return. But do need to report this? Or am in anyway will I get in trouble for this? All over the inside of this massage place it had warning signs reading “ this is a professional business do not ask for sex favors”. At no point was I “turned on” or did her hands acutely touch my area. (Moon Twp., PA)

A: Hmmmm. If there is something more to the story than you are sharing, I suggest that you consult with a criminal defense attorney. If this is the whole story, you probably need not worry about being arrested. I would let go of this and not call the police. However, if you do, you must be aware that you may end up as a defendant, a government witness or on the Six O’clock News. You have no moral duty to report this. A legal duty to report a crime? Maybe, but probably not.

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