Do I have to pay parking ticket with wrong plate number on it?

Q: The information on the ticket is Plate Number MRS NO (NOTE that is the letter (O) State: PA Vehicle: JEEP White Location: Xt487. My real plate number ends in a Zero (0) NOT the letter O Do I have to pay the ticket. To complicate matters my vehicle is well-known to the local police and meter maids where the ticket was issued. If the person with the same plate ending in the Letter O is sent and replies to a 30-day past-due can the meter maid correct her mistake and charge me? (plus, fees etc.)? I’m sure they will know that if it wasn’t MRS NO that it was MRS N0 because they see my Jeep all the time. (Coraopolis, PA)

A: If it was you, just pay it. I assume the officer had everything else correct-the make, model number and color of your vehicle. The chance that there is another person with the same vehicle make, model and color with the same vanity plate except one digit off (“O” instead of “0”, is unlikely, especially living in your area. A typo or minor clerical errors are not enough to defeat a case like this, especially when all the other information is accurate.

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