Do I need power of attorney or just temporary documents?

Q: My 48-year-old daughter is in hospital on a ventilator. She has been diagnosed with Castleman’s Disease. She has other other issues as well. She is not married at this time. Her children can’t handle her business affairs. I’ve been asked to handle her bills, and business matters. I am in the dark as to what I need in writing if anything at this point or can I just make decisions? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: I am so sorry. If she is mentally competent, even if she cannot speak, she can execute a financial Power of Attorney which will allow an appointed person to manage her financial affairs. She can also execute a medical power of attorney. If she is not competent, you may need to establish a guardianship over her. I would consult with an attorney who can more fully advise after gathering all the facts.

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