Do officers have to tell you if you’re getting a ticket?

Q: My roommate and I got pulled over a few weeks ago in a routine DUI checkpoint. He told her that she had to get the tint removed from her vehicle and said, “make sure you’re always wearing your seatbelt.” Then today she got 3 tickets in the mail, one for the tint and one for each of us not having seatbelts on, even though I had mine on. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: They need not tell you. They can just take your information and send you a Notice of Summary Hearing in the mail along with the citation. Plead not guilty and request a hearing. If your friend has the tint removed by the time of the hearing, the officer may withdraw that citation . As to the seat belts violations, if you come across as polite and good people at the hearing, the judge may let you go with a warning. You can hire a lawyer and it will go easier.

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