Does my ex being a webcam model, or hacking my emails, affect custody case in PA?

Q: As the father I attempted to fight for custody of my son. My ex has sent harassing messages to not only me but my family as well. She mocked my cousin who has breast cancer and was going through chemo, threatened to call the IRS on my parents for not paying the child support she “deserved”. She then later screen shot her calling after the support hearing being dissatisfied. She has hacked into my Facebook, and emails, which she admitted to. She investigated evidence and conversations I had with my lawyer at the time. I do have a police case against her. She is also a cam model where she has mentioned her kids, no names mentioned, on her cam blog. I have been stricken with anxiety trying to talk to my son. I have sleepless nights and constant fear in picking up or responding to her messages as she continues to harass me. As we now live in different states my only way of communicating with her is through video chat. She continues with harassing messages while being more civil as I now being given permission from my lawyer to film the interaction. I’m just lost. (Cecil Twp., PA)

A: She sounds sweet. I assume when you mean “web cam model” she is involved in some sort of sordid pleasure for pay voyeurism? If that is what you mean, I can offer this. All sorts of parents come before Family Court judges. Those with alcohol and drug problems, serious mental health issues and criminal records. The Family Court view is, do these factors prevent the parent from parenting or put the child at risk? Certainly, it doesn’t put her in a favorable light what she is doing but it is not as bad as her being arrested for prostitution and drugs during her custody times. I would preserve the information and give it to your attorney. He or she will decide if you should use it and if so, when and how. It can only help your case but don’t think it will be the big slam dunk you are looking for. However, people like this will eventually hang themselves if you are patient and give them enough rope. As far as her communicating with you, you can obviously put an end to that if you wish, so do it or stop complaining about it. Hang in there and listen to your attorney. There is a good chance she will self-destruct.

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