Employer says they will deny my worker’s compensation claim for MRSA.

Q: I work in healthcare ambulance transport company and developed MRSA.I was at work one day I must of had a patient that had this MRSA I transported him or her and developed MRSA I had filled out an injury report to my supervisor, they told me I would be deny workman’s compensation what can I do ?

A: Don’t accept the answer from your employer as true. They don’t want to pay money and have no concern about your health. You may or may not have a claim, but I suggest you to contact a worker’s compensation lawyer immediately. Preserve any evidence you can from your job before letting your intentions known to your employer, i.e., copies of trip sheets, logs, etc. (do not go as far as taking company property). Also, while the events are still fresh in your mind write down everything that happened, including dates and times of conversations about this with your employer.

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