Q: My car was towed from my place of employment by someone for no reason. Police will not help me. I believe it is my ex-boyfriend but have no proof. My car was parked in a secured employee parking lot and the people at the place where I work. He let them tow my car without paperwork. He works there too. They laughed at me and told me I was stupid. I went to police and they told me that the car is not stolen as he was cosigner on the car. I need help here, everything I own was in that car including my military paperwork from the national guard. I am a single mom and all of my 2 year old son’s belongings were in the car too including his car seat. We had just moved everything from my mother’s house and I had not unpacked the car yet. I thought it would be safe as the parking lot has a security guard and is for employees only.

A: As boy friend and girl friend with mutual ownership of a car, you have no protection of the Divorce Code as you are not married. Obviously a criminal case is weakened by the fact that you both of you own the car. You can talk the police to see if they will file criminal charges like harassment. If not, you can go to the local District Justice on a day when the Assistant DA is there and see if they will accept a private criminal complaint. You can also ask the police if they will file a Protection from Abuse Petition for you. If not, you can go to the Family Division and see if you can file one on your own. You have a problem in that you don’t have good proof that it was him. You need to start building proof for going forward. Keep records and a log of these events to build your case in the future if charges or a PFA cannot be filed this time.

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