Q: There is a prial Conference for a Felony Three of Theft of Leased Property. If the defendant pleads guilty to a Felony Three Theft of Leased Property, and the plea is entered at the pre trial conference, what are the chances of the case being settled that day if the judge agrees with the plea. Will the defendant’s sentence be given that day? And what are the chances of probation with time served, which is three months.

A: Very few judges take pleas on pretrial conference days in Allegheny County. However, if your judge does, yes, you can plead and get sentenced that day or the day of trial. As far as the sentence, it depends upon several factors, among which are, the dollar amount of the theft, the facts of the case and the prior criminal record. You would have to ask the lawyer what your potential sentence will be. If this person has no criminal record, he may be eligible for the ARD program. This program for first time offenders offers no criminal record if the person completes the program.

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