Former employer had police take my I Pad

Q: Former Employer has taken my I Pad which I bought from them on 9/11/2013 and I have the Bill of Sale signed and dated. What do I need to do? I quit working for them Nov. 2013. It was a week later that Police came to my house saying that I stole the I Pad and they wanted in back. I showed the police the Bill of Sale and they said to hold on to it. I held on to it and now police are asking for me to give them my pass code for my I Pad. They said that my Former Employers is trying to have charges brought on me for stealing. I feel like that they are trying to get back at me from reporting them to CPS for child safety reason because their child was my former client and the child highly unstable and broke my leg due to his outburst when I was working for them.

A: I would need to review all of the facts but it sounds like the police may have illegally taken your I Pad and are now trying to illegally search it. Do not give them the code. Do not talk to the police. Contact a lawyer immediately. He or she can file a motion with the court to return property right away and get your I Pad back. It will put pressure on your company and police to either file charges or return your I-Pad. If the police want to search the computer, they likely need a search warrant. They need to make up their mind and let you get on with your life.

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