How can I fight a texting while driving ticket?

Q: I got a ticket for texting while driving. I explained I was looking at my phone because I was looking at the GPS. I even told the officer he could check my text messages to see I wasn’t texting while driving, he didn’t do it instead he responded that I was still distracted. I really want to fight it, but I would prefer to get lawyer that doesn’t cost more than the ticket. (Wilkinsburg, PA)

A: I believe the statute precludes texting and does not include talking on a cell phone or using GPS. The officer can say what he wants, but if you did not admit to texting, and have your phone or phone records to support your defense, you should not be convicted. I would bring my phone and testify that you were not texting. You can enter your text log as an exhibit. You can also order your phone records from your cell phone carrier if you think you need better evidence.

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