How do change title of deceased’s father’s house to me?

Q: My father passed away and owns the house that I currently live in. He leaves behind a wife who lives in her own home. The house was always only in my father’s name. He is on the deed. So, I am trying to find out what’s the cheapest way to either put it in my mom’s name or to get it in my name. (Moon Township, PA)

A: I am not sure if you mean the wife he left behind is your mother or not. I will assume she is not your mother. You need to confirm whose name the deed is in, whether your father left a will and if so, who inherits the house in the will. If your father is on the deed alone, his will determines to whom it passes. If he has no will, intestate (no will) law decides to whom it passes which in his case is likely to his wife and child or children. The wife would inherit the first 30k and share the balance with the children. If his wife was on the deed with him as husband and wife, it is likely that ownership passes to her under entireties law. If the deed is only in your father’s name, you will need to open an estate and pay inheritance tax to pass the house on to the testate or intestate heirs. Take the deed and will you have to an attorney.

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