How do I sue an ex-friend for money owed to him?

Q: What type of lawyer do I need to sue an ex-friend for money loaned to him? I loaned a significant amount of money, through a verbal agreement, to a friend, who is no longer a friend. He is paying me back but is doing so now on his terms, not the agreed upon monthly payment. I want to sue him, file a property lien, and potentially try for wage garnishment. I don’t know what legal specialty this situation would be considered. Is it collections or dispute?

A: If the economics of the claim warrant investing in an attorney, you will be much better off with counsel. If it is a few hundred dollars, file at the local District Justice on your own. Since you state it is a significant amount of money, you would be better off with an attorney to ensure you get a judgment and it is enforceable and if so enforced correctly. Many people obtain judgments against others, but cannot enforce them. At a minimum you need to consult with a civil attorney to see if it is worth proceeding, and if so, exactly how.


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