How long does a closing company have to refund escrowed inheritance tax?

Q: On August 2, 2017, the real estate closing company was provided with a copy of the Notice of Inheritance Tax Appraisement, Allowance of Disallowance of Deductions and Assessment of Tax the Estate received from the Pa Dept. of Revenue showing that the inheritance tax return was “accepted as filed” and no further tax is due. To date we have not had the courtesy of a reply from the closing company.

A: There is no set rule of law on this but generally, it should be a reasonable time-period. I have waited two weeks and more in these situations. I would goggle them to see if they are still in business, if you are concerned. However, it is doubtful that anything is amiss and remember, August is a vacation month. However, if you don’t hear anything by the end of this first week of September, I would call, again.

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