How much is the fine for a Retail Theft for a minor?

Q:Roughly how much would a retail theft fine for a minor be? Also, will it be on your permanent record?I got caught stealing 20 $ headphones from Wal-Mart and the state trooper said I would be charged with retail theft. I am 16 and this is a first offense.

A: Make sure your parents get you a lawyer. As a first timer, you may be able to enter a program to avoid a conviction and juvenile criminal record. Your case may be taken into Juvenile Court at the Common Pleas Level, or may be filed at the District Justice level, which is more likely. A first time Retail Theft charge is a summary offense if the merchandise is valued under $150.00. So if you were found guilty of this, or pleaded guilty to it, you would pay $150.00 plus court costs which could be another estimated $115.00 for a total of $265.00.



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