I am POA for my dad. Do I have to produce financial records for a VA social worker?

Q:  I have a Durable Power of Attorney signed over by my father with Alzheimer, about 3 years ago. He already has a social worker at the VA where he goes to the doctor. They have all of our POA/Healthcare Proxy forms on record. Suddenly this other social worked came to my home (dad lives with me) and is now demanding to see his finances. Do I have to comply? I already spent plenty of time documenting all of this and there are no problems at home, dad is content. I am an only child and mom passed away so there aren’t even other family members who would have a say in this. I don’t think I should have to jump through hoops every time some random stranger shows up and wants his curiosity satisfied. What authority do these people have, anyway?

A:  Hi, The answer to your question is yes. However, you have the right to respectfully reply, “my father has a right to privacy in his records, so no I will not unless or until you obtain a court order requiring me to do so”. However, how much more do you want the problem to grow? They will get suspicious and possibly get a court order so be prepared to face more requests. If you have nothing to hide you may want to comply.

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