I want to sue 2 real estate agents who brought me an “ideal tenant.”

Both agents (my agent and tenant’s agent) knew that a tenant was being evicted from another condo in my building because they had placed him in it a few months before. He was locked out of that unit by the Sheriff and did $26,000 damage to it; and was then moved into my place within a few days, with the help of these two agents and a rental application full of lies. Tenant has not paid me rent for 5 months and I am suffering a loss of $100 per day in lost rent and legal fees, with no end in sight to evict him. He has 9 people residing unlawfully in my unit and his wife just filed for bankruptcy. I am a senior, doing part time work, and this property is for rental income I rely on. I cannot afford to litigate, so looking for a contingency arrangement. I am a CA licensed attorney I can draft much of the pleadings and otherwise assist. (Robinson, Twp.)

A: What a nightmare. I think you will find an attorney if the attorney can confirm the realtors and their employers have liability instead of hoping to collect from the deadbeat tenants. This type of case would be really be bad publicity for the realtors, especially if they are agents or brokers of a company. The contract you signed with them would need to be closely reviewed. Keep contacting attorneys until you find one. It sounds like these agents have liability based on what you say, but an attorney would need to review the entire case. An eviction should have been filed already.

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