I was placed on the rest for serving liquor to minors and I had a gun in my purse

Q: Can they search my handbag when I’m placed under arrest without my permission. I had a gun with me. I had a permit. I was under arrest for serving liquor to some teenage boys at my friend’s party. These boys were my son’s friends and they brought the beer into my apartment. The cops came because a mentally ill neighbor complained of the music. (Donegal, PA)

A:  If what you are saying is that you were placed under arrest and your bag was searched pursuant to the arrest, it is likely that the search of the bag was permissible. If you have a carry permit and are not barred from possessing a firearm, you will not be charged under the PA Uniform Firearms Act. I would be concerned about the other charges which are likely to be Corruption of Minors and Furnishing Liquor to Minors. You need to see an attorney.

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