If I get house arrest with work release, does PO come to my job?

Q: I work in the medical field with patients coming in for their appointments. I want to keep my job, but I’m sure my boss will not want my PO officer to come by and check on me. Is there any way this can be avoided so I can keep my job? (Braddock, PA)

A: It is possible. It depends on how intrusive your probation is. With non-reporting probation, the defendant usually visits his probation officer at the beginning and never hears from him or her again except for a phone call. Reporting probation and more intrusive probation usually goes along with sentences for more serious crimes and those with more extensive criminal records. If you have a long criminal history and are on probation for a felony, a visit to your home would not be unusual and a visit to your job would be a bit unusual but not out of the question. The easiest way to find out would be to ask your lawyer or the court at sentencing.

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