I’m out on bail, hit a car and took off. Will my bond be revoked?

Q: I got arrested for a crime that I did not commit, and I am out on $30,000 bond. I had an accident last night. My airbag came out and it was like being punched in the face. I couldn’t see a thing and I swiped another vehicle. At that point I was in shock all I remember is being at my boyfriend’s house after that. Will they revoke my bail bonds for this? (Evans City, PA)

A: If you are arrested for leaving the scene of an accident, (75 PA C.S.A. Sec. 3743) the DA could petition the court to revoke or raise your bond. It depends on how your county normally handles such matters. I would consult with an attorney regarding the intimate details this new event for advice on how to proceed and what options you have.

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