I’m on Westmoreland County probation till July.

Q: My husband I go to a local Fireman’s club that we are members of. They have a class C liquor license and serve food. I’ve been a member there for four years. I went to renew my membership and the club escorted me out. They told me I am banned because I’m on county probation. I do not drink. We sit at a table and have some food. They knew I was on probation and never said anything. I know that a kid went to the steward and told on me. Is there anything in the liquor control law statue on private clubs and serving members if they are on probation? I have my probation conditions that state I may not consume alcohol or use any type of drugs (which I do not). Nowhere on my conditions set forth by the county or court say I can’t be in a private membership club.

A: This is not a public place. A private club can set its rules as they wish, if those rules don’t conflict with state or federal law. If their by-laws and club rules do not allow persons on probation to be in the premises, there is not much you can do about it. Your house is private property, and you can tell anyone present to leave if you do not want them in your house. If they do not leave, they are a trespasser. I imagine no private club wants probation officers stopping in to check on defendants.

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