Is it elder abuse to receive money from someone who is like a grandmother to you?

Q: I have known this lady for about 20+ years and has been like A grandmother to me. I’ve lived with her and everything. Her son has never really liked me. Long story short she has helped me sometimes with financial matters like one time my car got towed so she wrote me a check for $350 to help me get it out. Basically, I’ve gotten A little help from her on some occasions and her son I think has called the police and said something about elder abuse. She is older but was the smartest women I’ve ever known. We both held a high spiritual relationship and loved each other dearly. I’ve never taken advantage of her. There were times when things have come up and we would pray about it. We would then agree that her helping me out with money wasn’t the answer. But then again sometimes she would give me a helping hand. Can I really get into trouble? I never felt as if I was doing anything wrong in anyway. She has since passed away and I’m scared! We’re only talking about 2500$ in a couple years.

A: It sounds somewhat harmless the way you describe it, but I would need to know more facts. Was she incompetent? Did she have dementia? With her not being around to be interviewed by police or an adult protective services investigator, it is unlikely anything will come from it, especially given the fact that only $2,500.00 is involved. My opinion would change of course if there was any forgery or theft involved, or some other tangible record that exists.

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