Is it illegal if her boyfriend sleeps in the same bed as her children?

Q: A mom who has 2 minor children, ages four and seven. She has her boyfriend living with her and the children. He is sleeping in the same bed with the mom and children. And I will add, this “boyfriend ” drinks every day in front of the children,. A recent accident happened while the two children were in the supervision of the boyfriend. The 7-yearold child fell ten to twelve feet and broke his arm. Child protection is now involved, because of the above. But I would like to know the law as to whether a stranger can sleep in a bed with the mom and the children. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: I am assuming this is not the biological father. I know of no such law. However, it doesn’t sound right by any means. I have represented pedophiles in the past who have targeted women to date with young children then involve themselves in inappropriate activities with the children such as napping together, “snuggling” on the couch and excessive tickling. I’d be concerned enough that I would tell her it has got to stop and if she does not acknowledge it is wrong, report it to CYF.

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